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Brennan Healing Science


or, 6 sessions for $1080



About the Service

From the comfort of your own home, enjoy a remote energy healing session with the focused attention of 2 healers over a video call. Brennan Healing Science is a profoundly detailed, yet gentle modality of energy work encompassing 4 dimensions and 7 layers of the human energy field. These sessions are meant to assist mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

What to expect: We start the session by discussing your current areas of focus or concern for up to 15 minutes. For the next 45 minutes, you lay down and relax while we work on your energetic template. We will be visible on camera, although you may choose to close your eyes while laying down. You may choose to play your own background music, have us share background music, or have silence. Following our work, to close out the session, we sit for a discussion about our individual experiences. Many clients fall asleep or fall into an altered state of consciousness and prefer to remain there. In those cases, we record our reflections of the session and send them to you in an audio recording via email.

Offered by

Sophia & Brandon

Sophia & Brandon

Sophia and Brandon, graduates of the 4 year program at The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, are professional practitioners of Brennan Healing Sciences. (Sophia & Brandon work together unless otherwise requested. In-person sessions in CO may also be requested.)

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