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Nutritional Coaching





About the Service

Discover the astounding health benefits of Medical Medium information! Harness the transformative power of food and supplements for healing. With our experience, knowledge, and intuitive abilities, we empower you to forge a step-by-step path towards wellness through a personalized diet plan.

What to expect: Our comprehensive offering includes a live Zoom meeting, a follow-up email providing targeted resources to empower you to address your specific concerns, and text + email support over the following month. We recommend these sessions be spaced at least 1 month apart. First-time clients are required to sign up for a 90min session which also includes a detailed intake form to be filled out prior to our first session.

Offered by

Sophia & Brandon

Sophia & Brandon

Sophia and Brandon love Medical Medium information because its worked for them. Their Spirit Allies have told them that spreading the information to other Light-workers on the planet is part of their mission at this time.

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