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Weekly Group Healings + Oracle Offerings

The weekly group healing format was given as dream guidance to one of our mentors who was shown in the dream that the idea was meant to spread to other healing practitioners as it serves humanity in two very important ways; 1) it's affordable, and 2) consistent. We believe that with any healing modality, consistency leads to superior results. With his blessing, we began these weekly group healings in December 2022.

Every week, we focus on a different physical or energetic system. We welcome both humans and animals. Each healing is streamed Live on camera, and is followed up with a voice recording of what we experienced during the healing. The recording will be emailed directly to you along with the announcement of the topic, time, and date for the following week. While you're welcome to lay down and quietly relax during the healing or join the Livestream, it isn't required. If you're on-the-go during the healing, the energies will still reach you and integrate with your system at a pace that's right for you. Every healing starts on time and lasts for a minimum of 30minutes. 

Our Oracle Offerings started with dream guidance given to Brandon. Immediately after our first release, spirit allies started showing up to assist.  A White Buddha showed up to offer his protection and assistance. And Sophia's father showed up to clear the astral airwaves so that oracles can come through clearly in the early mornings. They consist of channelled messages through various forms such as dreams, sitting for guidance, the angel board, deep meditation, random drop-in awarenesses, as well as recently observed synchronicity. 

Our group services are hosted on Patreon. All of the links below will take you to our Patreon where you can sign up 🙌🏻

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