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"We are here to spread the light,
to remind you of the light that you are,
to help you experience the light within every cell of your body,
every cell of your being" 

-Barbara Brennan, Seeds of the Spirit 2009


Meet Aspen Roots

Multidimensional Healing Specialists

Explore the power of alternative and holistic healing with Aspen Roots! Embrace a full-spectrum healing approach incorporating energy work rooted in Brennan Healing Science, and healing through diet rooted in the profound wisdom of Medical Medium information. Devoted husband and wife team, and professionally trained and experienced healers, Brandon and Sophia, seamlessly merge their unique gifts and wisdom in each session. Together, they create transformative experiences that touch the depths of those seeking profound healing on multiple levels. Embark on a remarkable journey towards balance, vitality, and inner harmony by joining us at no cost today!

Meet Amelia

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