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Brennan Healing Science® (BHS) is a holistic healing modality developed and tested for over 30 years by Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan, a world-renowned healer, teacher, and former NASA physicist. It is based on the understanding of the Human Energy Consciousness System and its relationship to health and disease.

We practice BHS in a remote healing format. Scientific experimentation into the efficacy of remote energy healing techniques have been documented in western literature since the early 12th Century.9 Below are brief summaries of various studies that, while not directly focused on BHS, are directly related to the fundamental principles on which the remote application of BHS operates.

Remote Energy Healing Science

  • Researchers at the HeartMath Institute used healers trained to create a coherent emotional state empowered by love to affect various changes in DNA structures through intention, even causing the double helix to wind or unwind. To prove these results weren't due to the DNA samples being within the electromagnetic field of the heart, the healers were moved a half a mile away from the DNA samples and were still able to produce dramatic effects. 1

  • The U.S. Army studied the effect of emotions on human DNA. DNA samples were collected from a volunteers and moved into a locked room 300' away. The volunteer was shown images designed to heighten emotional responses. During this process, the DNA sample was monitored. Strong electrical discharges were monitored in both the volunteer’s cells as well as their DNA sample 300' away. The reaction was instantaneous with no time delay. The experiment was repeated at a distance of 50 miles with the same results. 2,3

  • In a randomized double-blind experiment involving 393 persons hospitalized in a coronary care unit, prayer from a distance was offered to roughly half of the participants, while the other half served as the control group. The individuals in the prayer group had a significantly lower “severity score” based on their hospital course following admission, while the control patients required ventilatory assistance, antibiotics, and diuretics more frequently than patients in the prayer group. 4

  • In a randomized double-blind experiment involving 40 patients with advanced AIDS, patients were randomly assigned to either a remote healing group or a control group. Both groups were treated with conventional medications, but the remote healing group received long-distance healing for 10 weeks from self-identified healers from a variety of different healing and spiritual traditions. Healers were located throughout the US and never met with the patients. At six months, blind chart review found that the remote healing patients acquired significantly fewer new AIDS-defining illnesses, had lower severity, required significantly fewer doctor visits, fewer hospitalizations, and also showed significantly improved mood compared to the control group5

  • In a controlled study, 52 individuals not known to be psychically gifted were able to both promote and inhibit lactose utilization of E. coli bacteria through the use of their intentions. 6

  • Ten subjects tried to inhibit the growth of fungus cultures in the laboratory through conscious intent by concentrating on them for fifteen minutes from a distance of approximately 1.5 yards. Of a total of 194 culture dishes, 151 showed slowed growth. The possibility that these results could have occurred by chance was less than 1 in 1,000. This experiment was repeated with the same results in 16 out of 16 trials at distances of 1 to 15 miles away. 7

  • In twenty-one experiments conducted over a period of several years, healers tried to awaken mice more quickly from general anesthesia using positive intent. Nineteen of the twenty-one studies showed highly significant results: earlier recovery from anesthesia in the mice to whom positive mental intent was extended. 7

  • Thirty-two subjects mentally attempted to prevent the rupturing of human red blood cells in test tubes. Significant differences were found between the "prevent" and control tubes. 7

  • In an article that reviewed 61 studies on remote healing (where healing is effected at a distance through an intention, wish, meditation or prayer), it was found that distance, even thousands of miles, does not appear to limit the effects of healing. Positive results have been demonstrated through randomized controlled trials in humans, animals, plants, bacteria, yeasts, laboratory cells, and DNA. 8

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