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Private Services


We are currently handling all of our bookings via email:


Please send us an email regarding which service you would like to sign up for.

Sophia and Brandon work together unless otherwise requested.

All private sessions offered via Zoom.

This page is for private services,

For affordable weekly group energy healings and weekly channelled oracles hosted on Patreon, please click here.

"However Aspen Roots starts out will not be how it ends up" - Our Guides

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What We

Brennan Healing Science

From the comfort of your own home, enjoy a remote energy healing session with the focused attention of 2 healers! Brennan Healing Science is a profoundly detailed, yet gentle modality of energy work encompassing many dimensions.

Format: You may lie down or get comfortable as we're connected over a video call. Each session includes energy work, channelled messages, and a closing discussion.

Duration: 75-90min
Cost: $200, or 6 Sessions for $1080

Animal Communication & Energy Healing (with Sophia)

My love for the animal kingdom has opened an intuitive bridge for me to converse with animals, while simultaneously applying Brennan Healing Science techniques.

Format: Every session begins with an intake email. This is your chance to ask questions and express concerns. I follow up each session with an audio recording of my reflections from the session that I send to you via email.
Duration: Each session takes its own rhythm depending on the animal. They typically go between 30-60min.

Cost: $130
(Free 30min consultation to first time clients)

Nutritional Consult

Discover the astounding health benefits of Medical Medium information! Harness the transformative power of food and supplements for healing. With our experience, knowledge, and intuitive abilities, we empower you to forge a step-by-step path towards wellness through a personalized diet plan. Format: Our comprehensive offering includes a live Zoom meeting, a follow-up email providing targeted resources to empower you to address your specific concerns, and text + email support over the following month.
Duration: 90min

Cost: $250

Additional Sessions: Duration: 60min

Cost: $150

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