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Gayleen D. | FL, usa

"After a healing I felt like an emotional burden had literally been lifted off me!"


Katie Hugh | NH, usa

"Brandon and Sophia are incredibly compassionate, talented, and tuned in - my healings from them have changed my life!  I’m so grateful they share their intuitive gifts for healing - I’ve benefitted mind, body, and soul."

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Susan | CA, usa

I have been the grateful recipient of healings from Brandon; I highly recommend him – his attention to detail, his intense devotion to his craft and his deep compassion is evident in the healings.  He is a powerful healer with real desire to serve and make a difference for those who enter into his healing presence.  His connection to his guides and his openness to all possibilities is a true gift to those who are ready to receive divinely inspired information.


Sophia has blessed me with healing experiences, gifting me with experiences of the divine feminine.  Her intuition leads her clearly to the deepest pieces I was ready to release and gently helps the process progress with ease.  Her intense love and compassion for me helped to break through the years of walls of defenses that are naturally built up within each of us to reach the soft, pure, gentle being of who I truly am.  I am forever grateful to the blessings I have received from Sophia.


Cheryl H. | NY, usa

"Brandon and Sophia possess unique healing abilities that create a potent energy field to harmonize spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical issues and blocks. I have been blessed to have experienced their sessions."


Stacy Hernández | CO, usa

"Brandon and Sophia offer a loving and comfortable approach to exploring my health. They come from a nonjudgmental place and meet me where I am at. I appreciate the depth of their insights and perspectives and they always have creative ideas on how to support by body and what I am going through. They are extremely knowledgeable. Not only do they hold a loving space for me to support my health but they also have a deep spiritual connection which helps to make the healing even more potent."


Marianne F. | CO, usa

"The healing sessions that I have received from Sophia and Brandon over the years have been helpful at relieving stress, both physical and nonphysical. We always discuss my goals at the beginning of the session and I allow them to follow their guidance to achieve a positive outcome for me. Afterward, I always feel an immediate change in my energy as well as my outlook."


Sandra Dempsey | WA, usa

"Brandon and Sophia are a powerhouse couple! I can personally attest to the power and effectiveness of both their Private and Group Healing sessions and recommend them highly." - author of Take Back Your Dreams


Tia Diana | CO, usa

"How do I put into words how Sophia and Brandon’s healing has helped me.  They are caring and loving with their only goal to help others.  After my first healing I felt a calm come over me that I hadn’t felt in a long time.  My second healing was amazing and I felt so supported.  From then on I was hooked.  Sophia and Brandon are a healing force that truly heal.  After each healing session there is conversation about what was found, what was felt and what will help.  Check them out and you will find only joy.  It’s priceless to find the calm so many of us seek."


Sally Reed | MI, usa

"I've received healings from Brandon and Sophia for 4 years and I can truly say that my life has changed for the better because of those experiences. The presence they embody together is a harmonious balance of the Divine masculine and feminine energies on our planet, which is incredibly nourishing for my soul every time I connect with them. Their intuitive wisdom has guided me through some of the most challenging moments of my life's journey, and they offer it with the utmost care and respect for my process. I'm infinitely grateful for the healing container they've created that is full of heart!"


Douniazed | CO, usa

"Brandon and Sophia are unique in their healing skills individually and together as a strong healing team. Their intuitive wisdom, beautiful heart and nourishing connection is healing in itself. Their listening skills, vast knowledge, openess and ability to connect in a deep level to what is present are very profound. I am blessed to have had the pleasure to work with them."

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M.E. Taylor | MA, usa

"Trying to rehab a painful knee injury and ongoing mobility issues I was open to anything that might support my recovery. The benefits through the treatments I received from Brandon and Sophia really took me by surprise. I have always been open to alternative healing modalities but now I have first hand experience! Their ongoing support of my health through dreams and nutritional guidance is something I know I can rely on. I love these two!"


Julia F. | WV, usa

"Brandon and Sophia are gifted healers and deeply committed to supporting others. Their connection to guidance and willingness to follow it is an ongoing inspiration for me."


Heather Harper | FL, usa

"Brandon and Sophia are amazing! They always make me feel safe, heard and seen.  Just being in their presence I feel so held to go deeper into my own growth.  Also
I have gained a wealth of information and experience on how to heal myself through nutrition with their knowledge and experience with the medical medium protocols."


Nikki Finn-loudenslager | AZ, usa

"I met Brandon and Sophia 5 years ago and have watched them grow and develop their gifts during that time. I’m super excited that they are now offering their services to the world. Individually, they both bring a wealth of knowledge, but it’s their knowledge and hearts combined that creates something very special indeed. I love their weekly group healings and have learned so much from their podcasts already."


Ashley D. | CO, usa

Sophia's healings always leave me feeling that a weight had been lifted. She will make you feel that energetically she is on your team & that together you can confidently address whatever ailments have brought you to her healing table…whether they be emotional, physical or mental blocks that you are facing. I highly recommend a healing with Sophia where you will have access to her vast knowledge & skills & will no doubt leave feeling lighter, yet more grounded. 

Brandon is also very knowledgeable & possesses the ability to tune into a deep well of knowledge via his dreams and intuition. Numerous times we have spoken about issues I'm facing & he has come back to me with thoughtful solutions. I know this ability has taken him years and years of practice and is highly valuable to me.

-Owner of La Dona Jewelry

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